Let’s face it…all good stories begin that way.  Think about the stories your parents or a caregiver told you as a child!  Think about the stories that you have told to those in your care: children, grandchildren and more!  Chances are that you started your bedtime stories the same way.  It did not matter if the story was within the pages of a well-worn book, or one that you created ad-lib.  I have found that my young grandchildren particularly enjoy the stories that I tell from memory.  Perhaps it is the tale of my husband and his cousin sliding down the laundry shute together as kids.  Or, maybe it is the story of how we closed off our cul-de-sac and played street hockey for many years in New Jersey.  A true favorite is how my husband used to drive to Beach Haven, NJ every Saturday to watch Batman in black and white with our young son.  In those days, Batman was not available on Cherry Hill, NJ local television.  Choices then were limited; there was no Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and more. “Once upon a time” is now a series on Hulu – and it has taken on new meaning.

Once upon a time...

Stories of the past stemmed from one’s imagination, whether the storyteller was a tried and true author, or a tried and true caregiver.  The goal was the same – to entice, to excite, and perhaps to enhance the experience and make it come to life!  Storytelling awakens young minds to their past, to the present, and to the future.  It develops the world of imagination and creative thinking.  “Once upon a time” is a phrase that all kids should know – regardless of their socioeconomic background and demographics.  The adventure might begin at one’s local library, in a classroom, or at home.  Storytelling unlocks the doors to adventure…and once upon a time…can begin today!

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