Can coffee actually be good for you, and still taste good?  The answer is an unconditional YES.  I had not consumed coffee since 1985, when I first moved to Chicago.  Because my company branded a healthy coffee, I decided to taste it – you cannot promote what you have not tried, can you?  Two cups (packets) a day of agglomerated coffee (can be mixed in hot or cold water), was all that I tried.  The first packet went into a protein shake for breakfast, and still does.  The second went into a tumbler, to which I added hot water and drank.

And, I love it, have amazing energy, feel terrific, and I am sharing it with others.  The health benefits have been debated, but there is no debate in my world.  My paperwork speaks for itself, and on paper, I look terrific!

For true coffee connoisseurs, the day doesn’t get started until that first cup of joe. And when the afternoon slump occurs, there’s no better pick-me-up. The real news, however, is that after years of hand-wringing, scientists are admitting that coffee poses very little risk for most people, and may keep us sharp. That’s no surprise to java junkies.

“If it weren’t for the coffee,” David Letterman once quipped, “I’d have no identifiable personality whatsoever.”

That’s a sentiment most coffee lovers can understand.   That is a sentiment that I can grasp, and share!