And I scored!  All 5s, that is, on a scale of 1-5 during 8 presentations in a two-week period!  I knocked it out of the park, meeting and exceeding the expectations of my hosts, sponsors, and audiences. WOW – it felt great!

  • The thrill of the game
  • The drama of the goal
  • The sound of the bat
  • The thrill of the crowd
  • The standing ovation

Perhaps you have been there, when the Cubs won the World Series, when Simone Biles took home Olympic Gold, and when Stephen Curry, Michael Jordan, Kevin Durant, and LeBron James have scored.

“To me, form is not about scoring runs but how you feel about your game. Sometimes the runs are not there, but you know you are batting well, and that is good form for me.” Gautam Gambhir

As an adult soccer player, I scored a magnificent goal that won the game and the trophy. In the process, I broke the metatarsals of my left foot, but I continued to play.  When I learned to play golf at age 50, I scored a trophy as most-improved player in the 18-hole women’s league!

 As speakers, trainers, facilitators, consultants – we are expected to SCORE a win for those who engaged us!  As Certified Speaking Professionals (CSP), we ensure that we deliver strong takeaways and outstanding content.

As CSPs, we customize programs, give it our all, exceed expectations, excite the audience, offer a call to action, and get great reviews.  To those who attend our sessions, embrace our content, employ our techniques, and follow us – thank you!

We are certified speaking professionals?  Our goal (no pun-intended) is to score for you every time, at every event, and at any venue! January is Certified Speaking Professional Month, and a time to recognize those who have earned this treasured designation.

A CSP is…

the pinnacle of excellence in the speaking industry. The designation is the gold standard for meeting and event planners, functioning as a robust risk management policy. Choosing a CSP ensures the seamless execution of your event and guarantees the presence of a seasoned professional who will not only meet but exceed expectations. The CSP is dedicated to enhancing your role as the planner, ensuring that you shine and leaving your clients eager for more outstanding experiences. 

I scored, and I enjoyed the thrill, the drama, the sound, and the standing ovation. WOW – it felt great; let me SCORE for your organization or event!  The win will be yours, simply for asking!