With over three decades of experience as a global healthcare leader, my journey has been marked by a commitment to building healthcare infrastructure for emerging nations. During this time, I’ve spearheaded initiatives such as establishing women’s health resource centers, nursing schools, nursing associations, and a foreign patient department at a government hospital. My contributions extend to the development of Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs), Pediatric Intensive Care Units (PICUs), and emergency medicine programs.

I’ve collaborated with women in the #pharmaceutical, #lifesciences, and #medicaldevice industries through my role with the @healthcarebusinesswomensassociation (HBA), and I have seen women who are able to overcome limiting beliefs, advance in their careers, and assume the leadership roles to which they aspire. Many of these women have completed the #DiagnosticDesignThinkingGroup (DDTG) process, and they are positioned to achieve success as a result of #pilotprograms created through #DesignThink, and enterprise owned by @dinareadinger and @sharonmweinstein.

Despite these strides, I find myself pondering the prolonged delay in the ascent of women within the healthcare realm. Reading an opinion piece in Harvard Public Health and encountering alarming UN statistics intensified my reflection. The pressing question arises: “Why has it taken so long for women to rise to leadership roles, and what catalysts are needed for transformative change?”

In pursuit of my goal to cultivate a new generation of leaders, particularly within the global nursing profession, I focused on the imperative for tailored leadership initiatives. In today’s world, urgent action is warranted, calling for fast-track measures, genuine commitment from men as allies beyond mere lip service, and an unwavering focus on prioritizing accountability. The need for systemic change is evident, and it prompts us to question the existing status quo and contemplate the essential shifts required to foster a more inclusive and equitable healthcare leadership landscape.

Read the opinion piece here: https://harvardpublichealth.org/equity/women-in-global-health-are-the-labor-but-not-leaders-times-up/

To enroll in a DDTG group, contact dina@acecoachingco.com; what are you waiting for? The clock is ticking and women leaders are not leading the field!

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