The queue, that is, for holiday returns.  The robust shopping has come to an end, and now, those who did not appreciate their gifts, or whose gifts did not fit, are waiting in the queue to return items, receive credit, or get a refund.

This is a ritual that has taken place for so many years…until the evolution of the gift card.  The gift card can generally be used for an extended period of time (check the restrictions carefully), and if you do not lose it, you can use it indefinitely.  You can purchase what you want when you want it…and enjoy the size, color, and selection that best meet your needs.

The other day at a holiday party, the two youngest family members received multiple gifts from their adoring aunts and uncles. The gifts were small – very small – not in value, but in size. The gifts were gift cards – from Barnes and Noble to Amazon, and Visa.  Happy shopping, young ones, as you avoid the queues and get what you want when you want it!  No more returns…the return queue has come to an end at last!  It’s now January 25th…hopefully, the end has come for you as well.