In B is for Balance, 12 steps toward a more balanced life at home and at work, 2nd edition,

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Newly updated- January 2019

we answered the question, “Can we have balance?” So many readers enjoyed the book and requested more – more tips, more techniques, and a roadmap to balance. Now, we offer a workbook to guide the reader to an awareness of what is needed to create, and sustain balance! This is The Road to Stress Management. Use this link to order, B is for Balance Workbook…The Road to Stress Management.

B is for Balance Cover

B is for Balance, a guide to creating balance at home and at work

Get your copy NOW!

Get your copy NOW!

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“A very useful book for people looking for a balance in their busy life. Easy to follow ways to have a meaningful life.”

“Several managers at my healthcare organization are passing around books that are well-written and inspirational. It is fun! We sign the inside cover and make a short comment. This book is currently being circulated and several of my colleagues have said they plan to add this book to their personal library. The inside cover comments have included, “I need to read this more than once!”

“I would encourage anyone who feels that work is taking a larger portion of their life to read this book. It is written by a nurse for nurses but it could benefit anyone who feels their work and home life may be out-of-balance.”


Go for it... Mastering Negotiations

Go for It… Mastering Negotiations

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An understanding of both sides of the aisle or ocean is essential to one’s negotiating and leadership success. Agreements and relationships are critical in today’s global business environment. In this book, you will gain the negotiation strategies needed to handle difficult people, manage conflict, and pick your battles. Preparation is the key to feeling confident and ready to create an all-win outcome. In this tell-all approach to negotiations, the reader will learn how voice, body language, eye contact, and yes, personality, affect behaviors, outcomes, and communication. From Main Street to Wall Street, Go for It engages the reader in mastering the negotiation.

Nursing Without Boarders

Nursing Without Borders: values, wisdom success markers

This book is for all the nurses who have crossed their own borders, or might like to. It provides both visionary lessons and practical advice. It is part history, part business textbook, part travelogue, part how-to, and part inspiration.

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“This book provides inspiring exemplars of nurses‘ ingenuity and leadership in global health. Nurses‘ contributions internationally are placed in historical context, and contributions by leaders in nursing practice, administration, and education provide practical advice on how to develop successful international collaborations.”
–Linda H. Aiken, RN, PhD, FAAN, FRCN, The Claire M. Fagin Leadership Professor of Nursing, Professor of Sociology, Director, Center for Health Outcomes and Policy Research, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

“Anyone who is passionate about nursing and is interested in the global nursing experience should read this book. It is applicable for nursing students, clinical nurses, and nurse educators, and it is a must-read for nurses anticipating their first mission trip or clinical experience away from their home countries. ”
–AORN Journal October 2008.

Plumer’s Principles and Practice of Infusion Therapy (9th edition)

Plumer’s Principles and Practice of Infusion Therapy (9th edition) NEW!!!

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Reviews: “Very good book for infusion therapies.
Excellent study guide to prepare for the CRNI exam.”