SMW Group’s coaching programs are designed to elevate leaders to their highest potential through a mix of adult-learning, strength-based assessments, and coach-training. Our coaching team members ensure quality, consistency, and enhanced outcomes. Our coaching sessions address the following topics:Coaching with Sharon M. Weinstein

  • Branding
  • Career Acceleration
  • Communicate with Impact
  • Critical Conversations
  • Executive Presence
  • Influence with or without Authority
  • Life / Work Integration
  • Psychological Safety 
  • Stress and Crisis Management 

We give emerging leaders and career professionals the confidence to speak up, remain calm under pressure, communicate effectively, and maintain a professional brand/image. By identifying the attitudes, skills, and behaviors that send the right signals and influence others, candidates drive better outcomes, maintain a presence, and are heard. I am known for elevating individual and corporate connections, conversations, and cultures. Using approaches that allow emerging and seasoned leaders to establish trust, listen with intention, and evoke awareness and action in others, I’ve been privileged to make a measurable difference in the lives of professionals around the country and across the globe. As a team, we work closely with association executives, those in academia, healthcare, and in leadership positions who need to reinforce their skill sets and achieve their desired results!

Start to Think Differently NOW!


edConsultingWith expertise in transforming high potential into high performance, SMW Group’s consultants lead the field. Our hallmark systems create leadership confidence, unlock limiting beliefs, align values, and culture, and develop strategies to accelerate growth. The competition for staff is more intense than ever before; we’ve seen cyclical workforce shortages, but this is different. The War on Talent has a definite impact on how we lead. What are your leadership goals; do you aspire to become a team lead for your department, or would you like to expand your practice beyond your current setting and consider a more global opportunity within or beyond the organization?

Welcome to the shift to values-led healthcare where culture impacts outcomes. Are you prepared to challenge the status quo, to educate others, to pay it forward, and to hone your leadership skills? Does your current position align with your own vision and purpose? This and more are possible in a values-led environment.

The pandemic brought a perfect storm of challenges for all business models. Do you have a clear vision for the post-crisis future? Visionary leaders are prepared; they guide others to a vision for a better future and overcome the challenges. Consulting services focused on Thinking Differently, asking the right questions and solving the right problems are what is needed next!

Start to Think Differently NOW!