Are you ready to change your life and your outcomes?  Do you want to enhance your self-confidence, achieve life balance, or reinvent your career?  If yes, then coaching is for you, and at SMW Group LLC, we offer customized coaching programs designed to enhance performance and produce results. Throughout our careers, our needs change, especially amid social disruption, upheaval, a pandemic, and disconnect. Solutions that worked before are outmoded. Innovation upends old ways of doing things and offers fresh ideas and solutions that are better suited to your current needs and preferences. Is it time for a reset? Certified by the International Association of Professional Executive Coaches (IAPO), and trained in Issue Processing and Facilitation, our services include the following:

Work/Life Integration

Our approach toward Work/Life Integration is aimed at helping you to recognize the emotional and physical stressors in your life and to deal with them effectively. By starting with our assessment tool, we walk you through the steps needed to facilitate your journey. Those who seek out work/life balance coaching may be dealing with: stress, extended working hours, position/responsibilities, burnout, time management, role conflict, great resignation, return to work, and more. Stress is commonly caused by work/life imbalance. The intersection of work and life may be complex; with a focus on the links between job satisfaction/dissatisfaction, wellbeing and personal fulfillment, and what’s next, you may shift your paradigm and your balance scorecard!

We work with individuals and organizations to create a program that is targeted to you, your goals, and your success. Our program gets to the heart of the issues and helps you to create and sustain change. Team coaching is customized to achieve desired results in a collaborative environment, develop strategies to help employees balance work and life, save money, improve productivity, and enhance communications; ask for details.

Career and Life

Whether you are a new leader in pursuit of career acceleration or an established leader with a team in need of a new approach to ignite performance, we have solutions that deliver results. We provide ongoing support that empowers you to be your best, feel your best, and do your best in your business and personal life. By starting with your life’s purpose, and identifying what is important in your life, we set goals and remain on track as we implement them. As an objective partner in the process, we help you to reach the competitive edge that sets you apart from others and establishes you in your field. We enhance your ability to solve your own problems with practical strategies that are action-oriented, an accountability system that keeps you motivated, a fresh perspective to challenge your limiting beliefs, and support when you need it most. From presence to performance, we are the GPS to your success. Now is the time to reflect, reinvent, and reignite a bright future.

Healthcare Professionals and Entrepreneurs

In today’s pandemic-ridden healthcare environment, healthcare professionals are challenged to be their best, access and use information across the continuum, and guide clinical decision-making at the point of care. That care may be within an integrated healthcare system or a component of independent practice. Great innovations have evolved from a problem that could not be solved until you faced it. Are you a budding or existing innovator or entrepreneur? Entrepreneurs fill the gaps in the healthcare system by developing products, and technology, and enhancing service delivery. A growing trend, our coaching team works with you to accept the challenges, think differently, embrace change, and optimize performance. 

Those who benefit most are:

  • Senior managers
  • Business owners
  • C-Suite professionals
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Those in transition or between success stories

I give emerging leaders and career professionals the confidence to speak up, remain calm under pressure, communicate effectively, and maintain a professional brand/image. By identifying the attitudes, skills, and behaviors that send the right signals and influence others, candidates drive better outcomes, maintain a presence, and are heard. I am known for elevating individual and corporate connections, conversations, and cultures. Using approaches that allow emerging and seasoned leaders to establish trust, listen with intention, and evoke awareness and action in others, I’ve been privileged to make a measurable difference in the lives of professionals around the country and across the globe.

As a team, we work closely with association executives, those in academia, in healthcare, and in leadership positions who need to reinforce their skill sets and achieve their desired results!

Change your mindset and change your life!


IAPO Executive Coaches
Sharon Weinstein