Are you interested in changing your life?  Do you want to enhance your self-confidence, achieve life balance, or revive your career?  If yes, then coaching is for you, and at SMW Group LLC, we offer two forms of professional coaching.

Work/Life Balance

Our approach toward Work/Life Balance Coaching is aimed at helping you to recognize the stressors in your life and to deal with them effectively. By starting with our assessment tool, we walk you through the steps needed to facilitate your journey.  We work with individuals and businesses to create a program that is targeted to you, your goals, and your success. Our program gets to the heart of the issues and helps you to create and sustain change.

Career and Life

We provide ongoing support that empowers you to be your best, feel your best, and do your best in your business and personal life.  By starting with your life’s purpose, and identifying what is important in your life, we set goals and remain on track as we implement them.  As an objective partner in the process, we help you to reach the competitive edge that sets you apart from others and establishes you in your field.  We enhance your ability to solve your own problems with practical strategies that are action-oriented, an accountability system that keeps you motivated, a fresh perspective to challenge your limiting beliefs, and support when you need it most. From presence to performance, we are the GPS to your success.

Candidates for Coaching

Those who benefit most are:

  • Senior managers
  • Business owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Professionals in transition or between success stories

We work closely with association executives, those in academia, in healthcare, and in leadership positions who need to reinforce their skill sets, become more engaging, and attain recognition and prosperity.

Change your mindset, and change your life!