Strategic PartneringStrategic Partnering

  • Teambuilding, partnering, outreach, collaboration…these terms are the hallmark of many successful models implemented by corporate and academic healthcare settings worldwide. Strategic partnering provides opportunities for personal and professional growth.
  • Within the global community, cross-national partnerships represent a vehicle for knowledge sharing and lifelong learning. How do you identify your own potential partners? Consider your business goals, the types of companies or organizations that can help you to achieve those goals and the mutual benefits.
  • Professional Development has gained traction in a diversity of work settings. C-Suite leaders realize that their workforce must develop a culture of learning that will directly translate into new skill sets and that these skills may be applied on the job as well as within their personal lives.
  • SMW Group has partnered with Purdue Global University to offer leadership training for healthcare delegations from China.

Negotiating for Success

Strategic PartneringAn understanding of both sides of the aisle or ocean is essential to one’s negotiating and leadership success. Agreements and relationships are critical in today’s global business environment. Gain the negotiation strategies needed to handle difficult people, manage conflict, and pick your battles. Preparation is the key to feeling confident and ready to create an all-win outcome; let SMW’s team share how voice, body language, eye contact, and yes, personality, affect behaviors, outcomes, and communication. From Main Street to Wall Street, learn to Step Up and Stand Out, mastering negotiations for success.