Your phone dies; you plug it in and recharge it!

Your computer slows down; you delete extra backups, restore, and more!

Your body fails you, and what do you do? Can you change the batteries, recharge it, or take it in for assessment and repairs?

Perhaps this is a signal – and it is time for a “‘creative pause”’ or disengagement. Our need for belonging is cited in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Think of how it would feel to stop belonging for a few minutes of your time, to forget your “‘followers”’ for 30- to 60 minutes, or to stop ‘liking’ every post that you see merely because it is indicative of belonging. Downtime is a good thing! When was the last time that you took “downtime” or that much-needed “creative pause?” If, and when you did, did you feel guilty for your lack of productivity?

What was the impact on your work, your relationships, your health? Did you find joy in the moment, and the satisfaction that comes from doing something for yourself? Did you take criticism from your colleagues, your family, your friends? Did you openly take that coveted downtime, or sneak a peak between heavy work schedules? How did that make you feel?

We can push our bodies and our minds just so far before they will fail us. The time has never been better – for that coveted downtime! So, smile, smell the roses, enjoy the fresh air, and unplug from the system that is wasting your personal batteries!

“At least once a week, I try to have one day where I have nothing planned so I can get up and just go back to bed and lay around and recharge my batteries.”               Dolph Lundgren