The day was simply delightful; shorts seemed to be the norm as we appreciated yet another beautiful day in Bethesda, MD.  Later that day, the meteorologists predicted cold temperatures and a massive snowstorm that would shutter schools, government buildings, and more.

The meteorologist: the only job that permits you to be incorrect 50% of the time and still get paid 100% of your salary.  What would happen if you were wrong 50% of the time? How would that affect outcomes, safety, and productivity in your job?

Did today’s weather change because of Punxsutawney Phil?  As luck would have it, Phil has a 47% accuracy rate.  If you flip a coin, you’ll probably be right 50% of the time. What does that mean this winter?  You’d be better off flipping a coin than following Phil’s predictions or the meteorologist’s forecast.

Are you ready for six more weeks of winter?