Adding a smile, and a laugh, to life’s challenges – the secret to a life in balance.

As the author of B is for Balance, a guide to creating balance in life and at work, and as one who has lived it, I know the important of laughter…the best medicine.  With today’s pandemic, we need a few moments of daily laughter—the more the better. It is free of charge and readily available. In the face of frequently dispiriting news from around the globe, it is easy to become glum and irritable, and that can quickly and quietly throw off your balance. What can laughter do?  Laughter is good for you and your health.  It relaxes the entire body, boosts the immune system, triggers the release of endorphins, and protects the heart!  Laughter makes you feel good, relaxes you, and relieves tension.  Woe – are you starting to realize the impact that a smile, a little, joy, and a good laugh can have in your own life? 

So, what about laughter?

For years, our children referred to me as 50 percent…meaning that 50 percent of the time (or less), I had a good sense of humor. I actually “got” a joke; I could laugh at myself. I think that I have now graduated to 90 percent. Sometimes, I am the first to see the humor in a situation or to come up with a great line. Of course, family members are still amazed! Sometimes, I get “it” – whatever “it” might be! And, my level of awareness has increased as I have transitioned within my career from a focus on intervention to one of lifestyle balance. Laughter definitely has a place within every aspect of one’s life. Laughter has enabled me to change my mindset, shift my paradigms and it has enhanced my well-being!

Humor allows us to deal with stress more effectivelyincluding some of the stressors we face today. Humor impacts healing and recovery time. And, humor has enabled me to grow personally and professionally. Add a smile to your face, a shift in your tone, and a periodic laugh to your day. Laughter has a magical way of keeping one grounded and is a great coping skill. Laughter and balance go hand-in-hand! Have you stopped laughing…please don’t.