Have you ever worked in a toxic work setting and did it increase your stress levels?

Sometimes, the workplace is not a positive place and it can even be uncivil. Common incivility examples include:

• Rudeness
• Treating a subordinate like a child
• Berating a co-worker
• Making unfounded accusations
• Gossiping
• Excluding others
• Interrupting people
• Texting during a presentation

Incivility in the workplace leads to high employee turnover, poor company productivity, lawsuits and settlements. Steps to overcome or avoid incivility are:

  • Create, communicate, and enforce policies
  • Screen job applicants for tendency towards uncivil behaviors
  • Provide continuous education and training on civility
  • Practice regular self-assessment
  • Increase accountability and transparency company-wide

Civility, on the other hand, enhances individual contributions and overall team performance by increasing the feeling of “psychological safety.” Team environments are trusting, respectful, and safe places to take risks.