At what point in your childhood did you ever experience bullying and a feeling of ‘not belonging?’ How did you respond? Who did you tell? Who did you turn to, and what was the outcome? Did you ever feel as if you were not a member of the team, a cherished friend and colleague, and equal counterpart? Chances are your response is, “Yes.”

Think “Dory” – an adorable, memory-challenged hatchling living the safe life with mom and dad – not a fear in the world, other than the frequent memory lapses. Fast forward to adventure, the process of growing up, finding friends within the Marine Life Institute, and paying it forward. Dory is able to overcome chaos and in the process, celebrate her cognitive and physical differences. She is indeed ‘different’ and yet, so very special. Dory teaches viewers that solidarity and kinship matter – that friends and family are critical to one’s being.

Forget bullying and being excluded from the group, the team, the game! Embrace the story and Dory’s true strengths as she demonstrates inclusivity at its finest!