Today, I had the privilege, and that it was, of sewing patches onto my granddaughter’s Daisy tunic!

What is a Daisy tunic? Let’s start with what is a ‘daisy?’ It is so much more than a flower; it is the designation for grades K-1 in the Girl Scout organization. Perhaps you have been a Girl Scout or Brownie; perhaps your daughter is involved in a troop. As mom to two daughters, I was familiar with Brownies and Girl Scouts, but not with the Daisy, until Julia asked me to work on her tunic.

What fun it was to follow the template and arrange the little badges in the designated spots. What a challenge it was to align them and get everything prepared for tomorrow’s meeting.

It’s about more than the chocolate mint cookies, although I have consumed my fair share. The best part of being cookie chair for the troop was having access to all of those cookies. Yes, Julia will be selling those cookies, and I’ll be an avid customer/consumer. It is so much more than that!  It’s about a 5 year old’s leadership journey: exploring nature, making new friends, helping others, working as a team player…and yes, selling those cookies!