Infusing Health and Reducing Stress in the Workforce and Workplace

With an extensive four-decade background in healthcare and the infusion industry, spanning practice, academia, and training, Sharon has keenly observed the profound impact of STRESS on both the workplace and the workforce. Drawing from her personal experiences of overcoming challenges and demonstrating resilience, she recognized the need to help others navigate similar paths.

Facing the demands of a 100-hour workweek across three countries, Sharon encountered a pivotal moment during an Eastern European delay that caused her to miss a family event. This experience served as an “AHA moment” that prompted a paradigm shift, compelling her to focus on infusing health and reducing stress in both work and life.

Sharon’s business model evolved from this platform, restructuring the traditional bell-curve from Stress to Health, encapsulating her commitment to fostering well-being in both professional and personal realms.

Acknowledging the uniqueness of each individual’s response to stress and the absence of a universal solution, Sharon advocates for the adoption of one or more of the four “A’s” – Avoid, Alter, Adapt, or Accept. Applying these options can balance your stress scorecard. 


  • A stress-free workplace where engagement is high and culture shines!
  • An innovative setting that exudes psychological safety and where people and business strategies align.
  • A people-centered place that invites differences and embraces belonging.

Are you ready to embrace the model, infusing health and reducing stress in the workforce and workplace? Let’s talk!