Are you proficient at helping? Did you offer the gift of your time and talent during the holiday season to those in need? Do you give freely of your support to professional groups and more?

What is helping? We do it every day, especially if we are female. We do everything for everyone; it is a component of the earth personality – the one who does all things for all people, and finally, if time permits, does something for herself.

If you are a solopreneur, you are building your own entity. You are providing a service or product to others to solve their problems, and yes, to help them.

If you are an entrepreneur with just one, or multiple team members, you are also providing a service to product to others to solve their problems, to help them, and to help your team members through revenue streams.

If you are an employee in any domain, or a C-suite executive, you are helping by creating a future for others, solving problems, providing services, enhancing the bottom line, driving productivity, ensuring positive outcomes, and the list goes on.

If you are so good at helping, consider extending the gift of time and talent to others by offering live or virtual introductions through a Girl Scout Troop, Parent Teachers Organization, Alumni Association, professional society, or membership group. The reward comes from helping others to reach their goals. Building your network of trusted colleagues, those with whom you will do business and to whom you will refer, requires step one, and that is helping! Are you proficient at helping? Start by asking, “How may I help you?”