Oh, what a year!  The song by the Four Seasons inspired me to build on their “last December, back in ’63.” Last December, back in 2019, what a special time for us…we planned for a New Year, new hope, new joy, and good health.

Oh, what a year, 2020 has been!  Why did it take so long to see the light, to respect science, and to universally mask up? It seemed so wrong, and it never quite felt right.

Oh, what a year… with increasing cases, deaths, and disruption to life as we knew it. Life will never be the same…what a pandemic, what a year!

As we enter the New Year, let’s put our faith in science and in a vaccine that will change outcomes.

Let’s express gratitude for what we have and for those in our lives. Let’s remember those whose lives were lost, and hope for a better tomorrow.

Thanks for the opportunity to share my message, onstage and online, with your audience in this “what a year!”  May each of us enjoy a Happy and Healthy 2021 and beyond.