Online and Onsite Speaking Skills

Speaking Skills
The ability to connect with your audience, whether it is a team meeting, board meeting, sales presentation, or seminar, is critical.  It’s time to Step Up and Speak Out; it’s time to Unmute Yourself. Our public speaking sessions are designed to meet your learning needs and include 7 steps:

  • Calm confidence
  • Competence
  • Crafting and conveying your message
  • Content
  • Connecting
  • Consistency
  • Clarity

Select the program that best meets your needs:

Sharon Weinstein Publlic SpeakingBasic: $500 hourly or $3,500 per day
If there is an emergent need for one-on-one coaching, this plan is for you.  In one intensive full-day or two consecutive half-days, we’ll cover the basics that will allow you to capture your audience, deliver a compelling message, and maximize your impact.

The deluxe program features two days of private coaching at your office, followed by three additional hours by phone or video conference over a three month period. During these sessions, we will master topic development, presenting and performing and platform mechanics.

This package includes three days of private coaching at your office, followed by one hour every other month, for six months. If your presentation is pending, we’ll meet quickly and more often with a focus on advanced techniques, presentation skills, review and critique of your recorded session.

Call for pricing on our Deluxe and Premium packages, or inquire about a one-hour phone session at a reduced fee.

SMW Group has coached individuals around the country and across the globe; select our experts to enhance your presentation skills. Start the journey now by completing this public speaking assessment.

Presentation Topics

Sharon is first and foremost a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP®) and a Certified Virtual Presenter.
Visit her dedicated speaker site now! As an edutainer, Sharon meets and exceeds the needs of diverse audiences in healthcare, business, and associations by customizing programs to fit client needs. Her most requested programs are:

  • Attitude is everything
  • B is for Balance
  • Crisis Management
  • Diagnostic Thinking 
  • Employee Engagement
  • Courageous Conversations 
  • Managing Change
  • Negotiating for leadership
  • Outcomes matter…in all clinical settings
  • Reclaim your life
  • Reinventing yourself
  • The Next Normal
  • Who owns safety?
  • Work/Life Balance