suspicion2Have you ever thought that something was wrong, and you could not quite pinpoint what it was? Have you ever assessed a patient and ‘felt’ that something was array. What about that sixth sense that we, as caregivers, all have and could use more often?

You are probably familiar with television game shows in which the participant is stumped on a question and gets the chance to phone a friend. That friend may be brother, coach, boss, or friend. But, the friend delivers!

Now the same is true of nursing assessment. The wait is over, and the ‘friend’ or form of technical support has arrived. The time is now to put that suspicion to rest and to celebrate our ability to master nursing assessment, with the help of a friend. That friend is the Rothman Index (RI), a system that can translate our assessments into visual data.

How is that possible? Well, simply put, the RI takes 12 areas of your own nursing assessment and streamlines your process, your day, your productivity, and your efficiency. The RI is your early warning system for more effective clinical decision support! It is nursing’s sixth sense, and we all need it.