How will you return, or will you return at all?  The pandemic has shifted paradigms about the workplace and many of us wonder, “Will we return to the old ways, and what’s next?” The pandemic forced organizations large and small to test the remote model and measure productivity. Despite the many unforeseen changes this year, we worked harder than ever before from the kitchen island, a home office, or anywhere that we could claim as our “space.”  We worked “alone” and missed the camaraderie of team members

As a consultant and executive coach, I found that several of my clients reported that work never ended; there were no boundaries and the workday stretched from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. They were overworked and overwhelmed, asking frequently for workshops, support, and solutions. The Great Return may well signal recalibration, and it is driven from the bottom up, rather than from the top down.  A survey of my clients about lessons learned revealed these three concepts:

  • People, and their lives, matter most.
  • Community is key – whether you work remotely or in an office; you must belong.
  • Ask, “How are you doing?” Ask often and listen with intention!

In times of change, it is more important than ever before to maintain a connection with and among employees. How will your team handle the Great Return? What’s next for you and your organization?