We launched…we partied…we networked!  I shared my inspiration for writing Are You Ready to Reinvent Yourself? A Post-Pandemic Approach to Work/Life Balance, and so much more!

Thanks to those who attended the Launch Party for Are You Ready to Reinvent Yourself…you made the event special!

How about you?

Think about it…just a year ago, you were thinking about your New Year’s resolutions, and perhaps how soon you might break them. If you have kids, they were in school; if you have older parents, perhaps they were in good health. You might have made vacation plans for Spring Break, the summer, Labor Day Weekend, and the holiday season.

If you were employed, you were probably working on-site in an office, maybe 5 days a week, and if you were lucky, you were able to work remotely at least a few days a week, if not full-time. Life was fairly routine and included social gatherings, movies or theater, sporting events, parent-teacher meetings, and for some of us, perhaps extensive business travel. What a difference a pandemic can make! Now is the time to reflect, reinvent, and reset for a bright future and a bit of balance.

I did it and so can you!

As one who has re-invented myself professionally throughout my career, I am aware of the challenges of work/life balance. Today, the pandemic is a disruption…in our lives, circumstances, place of work, and family lives. It is still possible, though, to find and keep balance.  Are You Ready to Reinvent Yourself? offers actions you can take to build the life and career you want, need, and deserve this year and beyond.

It’s time to REINVENT!

We need to begin a new chapter; we need to press that reset button—so get set, get ready, and let’s go! Let’s explore the key elements in the word “REINVENT”, including reflection, engagement, insight, narrative, values, experience, navigate, and trust. Follow the action steps at the end of each section that empower you to reinvent yourself with balance. Then, Trust the Process and welcome balance!

“To keep a lamp burning, we have to keep putting oil in it.” – Mother Teresa