We’ve all been there; we look at those headshots and wonder if they were taken in high school. We see the LinkedIn or other social media post, and we know that the person in the photo does not resemble the person we know.

How do we make a great first impression knowing that a photo says a thousand words – about us, that is?

How do you want to look, and more importantly, how do you want to be perceived? Is your photo of you alone, or with family, friends, kids or a pet? What are you wearing; are you dressing the part?

Consider these tips for your headshot photo to attract interest and business connections:

  • Background- make it count, in an office, boardroom, classroom, or on stage
  • Attire- let your attire reflect your position, with a jacket/suit, dress, or whatever your industry demands
  • Color- black and white creates a dramatic tone, but it is not as flattering as color

In my coaching/consulting/speaking space, my face is my brand. As a brand, I commission new photos every 18 months; I want the photo that my clients see to look like the professional presenter delivering their keynote. I want my own photo to reflect the authenticity of a Certified Speaking Professional.

What about you? Is your photo up-to-date, and what does it say about you? Does it exude calm confidence, a business demeanor, and a sense of influence? It is really you, or a favorite holdover from years ago?

First impressions do count! Are you ready for that first, and ongoing, impression?