…when a car backs up in the pedestrian crosswalk and hits your luggage, which then hits you, sending you to the ground.

I have a Vegas souvenir, and it is not a pile of cash! Instead, I have a badly sprained wrist (it had been fractured about 10 years ago), multiple contusions and more. I do not have a fractured pelvis, which was suspected, so in many ways, I am blessed. 

To be hit by a driver in a newer Toyota Camry with a back-up camera is unbelievable. For her to say that I was in her blind spot when the police officer checked her camera and saw me and my bag is a lie. To park in the crosswalk to discharge a passenger is against the law.

Thanks to the oncoming cars that stopped to allow me to cross the walk. Thanks to the local police, paramedics, and Delta for exemplary service. The meeting in Vegas was exceptional- the best ever. My session was highly acclaimed; the souvenir was unplanned, but I am lucky to be here to share my story!