Frankly, network marketing, or MLM, is a business model whose time has come.  Now taught in multiple business schools around the country, it is a model that works.  Perhaps that is why so many folks are frightened of it – they do not realize that everyone needs a Plan B in life.  That Plan B is not necessary another job, another opportunity, more hours, and less pay.  That Plan B can be a lifetime of rewards for the work that you do now – work that will increase in value over time.  This philosophy is known as leverage.   Would you prefer to work 100  hours weekly, or collaborate with 100 folks, each of whom works 1 hour per week?  Network marketing works because it is word of mouth marketing.  It is based on your recommendations about product or service.  If you could monetize your own circle of influence, you would profit nicely from things you already do.  You would create imagesCA52RJJKresidual income!

Let’s talk about residual income – the income that keeps on flowing. Residual income is revenue that occurs over time from work done one time. Some examples include:

•An insurance agent who gets commission every year when a customer renews his policy

•A network marketing or direct sales rep’s income from her direct customers when they reorder product every month

•An aerobics instructor who produces a video and sells it at the gyms where she teaches

•A marketing consultant who creates a workbook and sells it in e-book format on the Internet

•A photographer who makes his photos available through a stock photography clearinghouse and gets paid a royalty whenever someone buys one of his images

Are you ready to explore MLM as the next step in your career?  Are you willing to step out of your comfort zone and create your own future, rather than someone else’s?