As an advocate of work/life balance for nearly 20 years, necessitated by working 100 hours weekly, 3 countries per week, with no life of my own, I believe in sharing the merits of life in #balance. I believe that our biggest goal for 2021 and beyond is to #Survive and #Thrive! I believe in applying lessons learned from the pandemic and perhaps including some of those changes within my next normal. How about you? 

Think about the challenges you have faced, and overcome, during the pandemic! What will you keep? 

  • Wearing masks when ill 
  • Soft pants (gosh, they are cozy)
  • Boredom (nothing to do)
  • Streaming movies, theatre 
  • Home-made meals 
  • Live TV 
  • Enhanced family time 
  • Telecommuting 
  • Time outdoors
  • Online ordering of food, products, essentials, and pre-cooked meals 

The pandemic made us readjust and change our lives. Will we return to normal, or do we want to return to normal?

Let them represent your new normal and an improvement to your pre-pandemic life!