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SMW Group LLC is home to Sharon M. Weinstein, RN, CRNI-R, CVP, CSP®, FAAN, and the go-to resource for Work / Life Boundaries, Stress and Crisis Management and Communications, and Diagnostic Design Thinking. Discover how to Achieve Balance, Communicate with Confidence, Cultivate Mental Wellbeing, Empower Staff, Enrich the Workplace, and Unlock Limiting Beliefs.  Stress knows no boundaries, and Sharon’s body of work reflects a global commitment to infusing health and reducing stress in the healthcare, hospitality, and human resource spaces.

Sharon M. Weinstein

About Sharon M. Weinstein

Behind closed doors…Sharon’s upbringing seemed normal, but the truth was far from it. Despite projecting confidence outwardly, her life was a maze of stress and disruption. Struggling with self-doubt, she concealed her inner struggles, afraid to reveal her true self. Her story evolves from overcoming challenges to becoming a champion.  A once difficult child and runaway, she faced family struggles head-on, ultimately forging a four-decade, global healthcare career. Confronting abuse and navigating through the chaos in impoverished, war-torn countries, she mastered the art of quick adaptation, clear communication, and strategic decision-making in the face of intense pressure. Sharon emerged as a beacon of resilience. Her journey, shared with audiences worldwide and documented in 22 books in multiple languages, inspires and supports others, offering a profound exploration of stress and crisis management and reigniting oneself. Sharon’s journey is a testament to taking control of your story and becoming a catalyst for empowerment. Sharon is well-equipped to tackle stress and crisis management in organizations that want to build a resilient workforce, boost workplace engagement, and prioritize staff well-being.


Our Coaching / Consulting Team

Explore a transformative journey with our team, boasting over a century of collective expertise in speaking, consulting, training, and business coaching. Ready to revolutionize your life and outcomes? Prepared to eliminate limiting beliefs? Whether you seek heightened self-confidence, life balance, or a career reinvention, our tailored coaching programs are your pathway to elevated performance and tangible results. Traditional solutions fall short in a world marked by social disruptions, upheavals, pandemics, and disconnection. Embrace innovation that disrupts the old norms, providing fresh, effective ideas aligned with your evolving needs. Is it time for a reset? Our certified associates, accredited by the International Association of Professional Executive Coaches (IAPO), Healthcare Coaching Institute, LifeWork Systems, and SCORE, bring expertise in Executive Coaching, Diagnostic Design Thinking, Issue Processing, and Facilitation. Our services cater to senior managers, business owners, C-Suite professionals, entrepreneurs, and individuals navigating transitions or crafting their success stories. Elevate your journey with us!

Sharon M Weinstein
Dina Readinger
Stephen Weinstein, COO
Marla J Vannucci, PhD
Marianne Hess

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Sharon's Latest

View Sharon’s latest Demo Reel, highlighting multiple ways in which she engages, empowers, and edu-tains participants in all settings!

What if…you could stress-less and achieve more?

Sharon is, first and foremost, a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP®) and a Certified Virtual Presenter. Download her one sheet now and get the big picture! As an edutainer, Sharon meets and exceeds the needs of diverse audiences in healthcare, business, and associations by customizing programs to fit client needs. Her most requested programs are:

  • Stress-less and Achieve More
  • Life / Work Boundaries
  • The Crisis is Real: Mental Health 
  • Employee Engagement 
  • Navigating DEI Stressors in Pursuit of BELONGING 
  • Healing Healthcare…Workforce Well-being
  • Resilience…and Reality 

Stress is an equal opportunity; our responses are the difference between surviving and thriving stress. As a meeting planner, your job is to meet and exceed expectations. My job is to ensure that what’s delivered to your audience resonates with them and has practical application and strong takeaways! I’ve spoken at thousands of national and global conferences, and I welcome the opportunity to enhance your meeting or convention!

What’s in store?

With Sharon as your opening or closing Keynote Speaker, your audience will be:

  • Inspired to act
  • Equipped with stress mastery
  • Edutained

Booking Sharon is one of the best investments you’ll make, or so we’re told by former clients. Our goal is to make you, as the planner, shine and create an audience asking for more! In a world where wellbeing matters more than ever, infusing health into the workforce and reducing stress is a transformative journey and Sharon is the lifeline your group needs. Let’s start the process now!

Ways in which Sharon, Dina, and the team can help:

  • Master Classes
  • Individual and Group Coaching
  • Targeted Diagnostic Design Thinking Groups
  • Company-wide Diagnostic Thinking Groups
  • Customized leadership consulting on hot topics
  • Private or group retreats

Thanks for visiting the website and considering our extensive offerings. Our approach is to harness the power of Diagnostic Design Thinking Groups (DDTG)to effectively manage stress, remove limiting beliefs, and create sustainable solutions, especially when it comes to balancing the demands of work and life.

The Benefits are endless; a DDTG cohort on stress management produces these results:

  • Tailored Solutions: Design thinking creates personalized strategies that resonate with individual employees, increasing the likelihood of success.
  • Innovation: By thinking differently, SMW introduces fresh and effective methods that can revolutionize how stressors are handled in the workplace.
  • Improved Productivity: Reduced stress levels lead to improved employee morale and productivity, positively impacting the organization’s bottom line.
  • Enhanced Well-being: SMW’s’ solutions contribute to the overall well-being of employees, fostering a healthier and happier work environment.
  • Adaptability: Diagnostic Design thinking’s iterative approach ensures that solutions can adapt to changing circumstances and evolving employee needs.
  • Positive Culture: Organizations that prioritize stress management demonstrate their commitment to employee welfare, leading to a more positive and attractive company culture.

SMW Group empowers individuals and organizations to navigate the complexities of a stressful world and emerge stronger, both personally and professionally.

Sharon's Books

Think Differently


Think Differently


Think Differently


Think Differently


Think Differently


Think Differently

A Must-Read for all professionals in the healthcare space.

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Sharon is the author of 22 books, each of which will inspire your clinical or leadership team to embrace a values-led, stress-free work environment and orchestrate positive outcomes.

The evolving Are You Ready Series provides a framework for Recharging, Reinventing, and Reigniting your life and career! Watch for Healing Healthcare in 2024 co-authored with Dina Readinger with contributions from 25 healthcare thought leaders!


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